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Family    Commitment    Excellence 

        What began as family dream has evolved into a flourishing, successful business and one of the most highly regarded wineries in the Finger Lakes.


    In the early 80's Len and Judy Wiltberger had the opportunity to purchase 30 acres of land overlooking beautiful Keuka Lake.

With their love of wine and winemaking experience,  they planted several wine grape varieties at the site with help from their children and Len's sisters. They opened a tasting room in the mid-80's, adjacent to the vineyards, as an outlet for their premium wines. Keuka Spring's first vintage was in 1985. Throughout the 80's and 90's the Wiltberger family produced and sold wine primarily out of this tasting room.
    In 2003, the Wiltbergers designed and constructed a new tasting room on the opposite side of the vineyard overlooking the lake, which opened in 2004. 

The vines that they planted in 1981 continue to bear delicious, mature fruit. They have added additional plantings of Lemberger and Cabernet Franc to the original Chardonnay, Seyval Blanc, Riesling, and Vignoles vines.

Throughout the years, all of the Wiltberger children have contributed to the development of the business and are still involved today. The family runs the day to day operation of the winery, and usually either Judy, Len, or Jeanne is around. Please feel free to say hello to them when you visit.



    Len and Judy are committed to making consistent, high-quality, award-winning wine, hand-crafted from vine to bottle.  From the beginning, they have believed that Keuka Lake is an area capable of producing world-class wine and wanted to be a part of this trend. They have been residents of the area since 1973. 

   They also believe that each visitor to the tasting room should have the best wine tasting experience possible, enjoying fine wine and the company of a well-trained and hospitable staff, surrounded by an atmosphere that compliments learning about and enjoying their wines. With the new tasting room, they are able to share a panoramic view of Keuka Lake from the top of the vineyards. They offer a wide selection of wines, both red and white, dry and sweet, to suite many different tastes.

    Initially, the Wiltbergers intentionally kept production small, to about 2,000 cases per year, hand-bottled and hand-labeled.  As business grew, more and more wine became sold out.  To meet customer demand, they have expanded production to about 8500 cases per year.

Len and Judy Wiltberger continue to run the business today, aided by a wonderful tasting and vineyard staff.



In the Vineyard

    Keuka Spring's vineyards are in an excellent location for growing and ripening winegrapes. Sloping towards Keuka Lake on the East side of the east branch, with nutrient-rich Honeoye silt loam soil, the vines receive plenty of afternoon sun, an extended ripening season, and are protected from early frosts in the fall and late frosts in the spring by the slope of the hill and its proximity to Keuka Lake.    

In Competition

    Since its inception over the years, Keuka Spring has received numerous awards for quality, consistent with the Wiltberger's commitment to producing world-class wines. In 1998, Keuka Spring Cabernet Franc earned the prestigious Governor's Cup, signifying the best single wine in New York State for that year. Other accolades include numerous "Best in Class" awards for various wines, double gold and gold medals, and several Rieslings as Governor's Cup finalists. Nearly every Keuka Spring wine entered in competition has won at least one medal per vintage.

    We are confident that you will savor our wines and your wine tasting experience. Please enjoy your web visit. We look forward to meeting you in the tasting room!