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Family      Commitment      Excellence

Our Team

At Keuka Spring Vineyards, we are excited to share our fine wines with you.
Each of us has our own story and path that brought us to the winery. 
Stop in and enjoy our hospitality and smiles while tasting the best wine the Finger Lakes has to offer.

Judy and Len Wiltberger, owners

Judy and Len Wiltberger have owned and managed the vineyard and winery since 1981. 
To learn about their story, visit the Family, Committment, Excellence page.


Jeanne, Len and Judy's daughter, handles publicity
and promotion for the winery. She has worked on a
regular basis for her family since returning from earning a
graduate degree at University of California at Davis in 2004.

Favorite Wine: "Crooked Lake White, paired with vegetable soups. I also
like Cabernet Franc and Riesling."

 Jeanne Wiltberger                                                                                                                               


 August Deimel is the head winemaker.
He has a Ma
ster's Degree in Oenology from
Cornell Universit
y and experience working
in Pennsylvania and California winemaking.
August Deimel's Bio

Favorite Wine: "Merlot. And Dry Riesling, especially
paired with cheesecake."


August Deimel 



Rebecca Gilroy is the assistant winemaker. While completing her degree from FLCC's Viticulture and Wine Technology program, she was an intern at Fox Run Winery. Coming from a career in nursing, she likes the creativity and science in the wine industry, and is reconnecting with her hometown of Seneca Falls.

 Rebecca Gilroy


 As a retired clergyman, Dave enjoys pouring wine
for all types of visitors. He has been with Keuka Spring
since 2001 and resides overlooking Seneca Lake.
Favorite Wine: "Keuka Spring
Cabernet Sauvignon!
 I also love Filet Mignon with Miller's Cove Red. Of
 course I can't leave out my famous white clam sauce
linguini made with Crooked Lake White."

Dave Simon              


Amy was born and raised in Penn Yan.
She loves meeting visitors in the
tasting room from all over the world. Her husband Bill also works in the tasting room.

Favorite Wine: "Gewurztraminer. I enjoy it
throughout the year and with all sorts of dishes."


Amy VanDyke     

Bruce InglisBruce has been a resident of Keuka Lake for 
years. He is a retired school administrator
who always wanted to work in the wine industry.
"It's the best job," he says.

Favorite Wine: "Lemberger and Riesling Reserve.
I love our Lemberger with pork tenderloin and our
Riesling with salmon."


Bruce Inglis


Bill Laffin

Bill retired from manufacturing and logistics
at a large international corporation. He has a
strong passion for preserving Keuka Lake
and is active in several local land use associations.

Favorite Wine:
"Miller's Cove Red and Chardonnay. Love
the Miller's with tenderloin on the grill and the Chardonnay
with any chicken or fish dish."
Bill Laffin


Tom Binnert

 Tom and his family have been residents of Keuka Lake since 1989. He retired from Xerox and recently found one of his favorite jobs ever... working at Keuka Spring! "Great people, great atmosphere and great wine."

Favorite Wine: "Miller's Cove Red to compliment steak or any beef dish. With seafood I prefer the fresh taste of the Riesling with it's nice touch of fruit. I keep several bottles on hand to share with friends and family who spend time with us here
on the lake-always a crowd pleaser"

Tom Binnert



Originally from Rochester, Nancy has been coming to Keuka Lake for family vacations for years. She became a resident here many years ago and loves the lake.

Favorite Wine: "Riesling Reserve, especially before dinner.
I also love it with Chicken French."

Nancy Koester




Jim Koester




 Bob and Mary Ann retired to Keuka Lake to enjoy family, friends, and great wine. They enjoy making new friends while working at Keuka Spring.

Favorite wines: "Chardonnay, Lemberger, and
Cabernet Franc. We love Lemberger with grilled
lamb chops (Mary Ann) and grilled steak (Bob).

Mary Ann and Bob Tyler




Barb has enjoyed Keuka Lake for 15 years, becoming a permanent resident in 2010. She retired from a long-term career at Kodak and has now found her "perfect" opportunity at Keuka Spring Vineyards!

Favorite Wine: "Crooked Lake White."



 Barb Bunting




"Drink with me my friends, hold your glasses high. Drink with me to days gone by, may the wine of friendship never run dry." Les Miserables 

Favorite Wine:" Gewurztraminer, with Indian food."

Tina Miller





A long time musician, Bryan plays in a number of bands and teaches guitar. He loves to work in the vineyard. A Penn Yan native, he takes care of the grounds, and helps with vineyard care and wine production.

Favorite Wines:  "Miller's Cove Red and Dynamite Gewurztraminer. I've become a convert to Gewurz, especially with sauteed scallops or any seafood."



n Flood



Rindy has kept Keuka Spring's plants and flowers looking lush and lovely for over 30 years. She feels as if she is part of the family.

Favorite Wine:  Chardonnay, with any kind of fish.
But I also love the new 2014 Gewurztraminer!



Rindy Straub